Security for Your Multi-Chain Restaurant – 5 Areas to Watch

Safeguarding employees and customers along with loss prevention are top priorities when contemplating security solutions for your restaurant properties.


When multiple sites are involved, each property may have unique surveillance requirements depending on location, size, and design that you’ll want to monitor from within and remotely.


If you manage a multi-chain restaurant and are upgrading security or installing a brand-new system, it’s imperative to conduct a risk assessment at each location to determine how much and what types of security is needed.


Is the restaurant located in center-city or in the suburbs? How many vendors, employees, and customers will be coming and going throughout the day? Will there be an outdoor dining or bar area? Is there a parking lot? The answers to these questions will help you choose the security solution that is right for you.


There are 5 key areas common to each restaurant that need to be monitored with strategically placed surveillance cameras along with motion detection and/or access control:


Cash Registers – POS (point-of-sale) is a prime temptation for cash theft and credit card fraud. By implementing access control and assigning pin numbers to employees, you will have a log of everyone using the register. Cameras focused on the area will also help in recognizing any questionable activity.


Entrances/Exits – These areas should be well lit with cameras to detect and identify intruders attempting to enter the building. Cameras and access control can also help keep employees honest in not abusing breaks or exiting the premises with restaurant property.


Dining/Bar Areas – Deter and detect possible disturbances/harassment, customers leaving without paying, or suspicious behavior by installing cameras throughout the dining area.


Kitchen/Food Prep – Surveillance cameras in these areas are important to keep a check on proper handling of food, deliveries, accidents, falls, theft of food and beverages by employees.


Parking Lot/Perimeter – Monitor accidents, altercations, loitering, vandalism, and suspicious behavior with adequate lighting and cameras surveilling outdoor property. Ensure that customers and employees feel safe walking through the area as well as leaving their vehicle while inside.


Security cameras are also an asset when training new employees.


Letting staff members know that they are being monitored will keep them accountable in following the training you provide. When you have a conscientious and efficient staff, customers will keep coming back which will generate more sales.


Lastly, to discourage potential criminal activity in and around your property, advertise that the area is being monitored by security cameras. In the event something does happen, rest assured that you will have documentation.


Don’t leave your properties at risk!


Be proactive and diligent by investing in today’s security technology. ComSurv will customize state-of-the-art video surveillance, innovative access control, and the analytic intelligence you need so you can focus on running your business.


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