Private School Security – What You Need to Know

One of the safest places a child can be is in their school as the percentages of both access control and the use of security cameras have increased throughout campuses nationwide.


Yet it’s understandable why parents continue to need reassurance that their children will be safe as they send them off to school each morning.  Administrators and teachers also grapple with safety issues never expecting anything bad to happen, yet the underlying concern is nevertheless present.


While security is a top priority for both private and public school administrators, statistics show that private schools are typically safer compared to public schools due to aspects such as a smaller student population and the way in which disciplinary issues are monitored and controlled.


However, a school can never be too prepared for an emergency. A safe educational environment doesn’t just happen.


It takes a combination of human and technological elements. While a mindful and alert staff is essential, it is impossible to have eyes and ears everywhere 24 hours a day.


This is where ComSurv can offer you peace of mind by installing a state-of-the-art security system.


ComSurv is committed to designing a customized security solution to meet your specific needs. We offer:


  • Intuitive HD / IP video surveillance which provides you with highly-detailed, crystal clear security footage varying from a 5-degree angle to a full 360 degrees.
  • Perimeter intrusion detection through innovative outdoor perimeter analytics.
  • Access Control with synchronization to video surveillance.
  • Cloud-based Solutions – security footage will not be compromised and stores access control, video, sound, and more.

Not only will ComSurv design and install your surveillance system, but will instruct your staff in using the equipment, and follow-up with continued support long after the installation is complete.


Whether you are reevaluating your security standards or upgrading an outdated system, being proactive and preventative can reinforce school security by monitoring hallways, entryways, and classrooms as well as outside areas.


By implementing a customized, well-designed surveillance system that includes security cameras, access control, motion detection, and remote monitoring, private schools can offer their community an exceptionally secure environment. Smart technology can dissuade unacceptable and dangerous conduct such as bullying, vandalism, suspicious behavior, as well as keep unauthorized visitors from entering the premises.


Don’t leave your students, staff, and faculty vulnerable and unprotected until it’s too late.


Add that extra layer of security to give parents peace of mind knowing their children are valued and protected in a secure environment while they are at school.


Let us help you reach your security goals and contact ComSurv today at 843-576-1422 to schedule a personalized security appointment. Visit for locations and more information.

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