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What to expect from our custom design surveillance solution.

We have numerous of referral letters that testify to the positive experience our customers have had with our systems and service. But there is much truth to the impact a surveillance system provided by my company has to any business it’s installed on.

1) Profit Increase

Quote: “In October I had a 119% profit increase. In November I had a 79% profit increase. In December I had a 144% profit increase… The numbers speak for themselves! And “no” I have not spent hours and hours watching the cameras. I watched it just enough to let my team know that I am checking on them.” Paul A., Restaurant owner and happy CSS customer.

2) Insurance / Increase in production.

Quote: “As a result of installing the digital surveillance system, we have been able to avoid a potential law suit for a fraudulent complaint by a customer… we have also noticed an increase in production. The results have been an overall positive effect on retail performance.” Rene R., Loss Prevention/Process Improvement Director of a Retail Company and a happy CSS customer.

3) Return on Investment (ROI)

Quote: “The system has been flawless and very helpful in some security incidents that have occurred which will more than make up for the cost of the system.” Scott M., General Manager of a Hotel and a happy CSS customer.

4) Theft Decrease and Reduction

Quote: “… without your help… we would not have caught a thief, who would have slipped thru surveillance… Now we have had no burglary or stolen items for over a year!” Larry E., Security Director for a University and a happy CSS customer.

5) Over all Experience (All of our referrals letter express the deep excitement and satisfaction in regards to our system and services)

Quote: “…Sweetwater Police Department extends a pithy expression of our satisfaction with the product and service provided by your company.” Ignacio V., Chief of Police of the City of Sweetwater and a happy CSS customer

These are just a few quotes of the many referral letters we have. Our systems and our services offer a level that competitors cannot match.

Three things you can expect when buying a security system: Increase in productivity, Decrease on loss or theft and an overall increase of revenue.

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