How to Secure Industrial Manufacturer Warehouses

Securing an expansive warehouse property is no easy task.


Workplace crime is costing businesses billions of dollars each year! So how do you know if your commercial property is as secure as it can be?


Integrating the best system, as well as reassessing your security plan periodically is crucial to keeping property, employees, and valuable merchandise safe from outside threats and in-house crime and thefts. The experts at ComSurv can help customize a system to fit your needs.


7 Common warehouse security concerns:


  1. Multiple points of entry.
  2. Size of warehouse and surrounding property.
  3. Protecting physical inventory and sensitive information.
  4. Monitoring unauthorized access to highly sensitive or valuable merchandise and information.
  5. Employee interaction with visitors and vendors, such as in the dock areas.
  6. Having reliable documentation of employee theft, accidents, mishandling of merchandise, or altercations.
  7. Monitoring parking lots and surrounding outdoor areas.


Security includes a combination of solutions working together:


  • Conducting multiple interviews, checking references, and doing a background check on all potential hires.
  • Strategically placing video surveillance cameras and using analytics (AI) to resolve incidents.
  • Installing electronic door locks with sensors to alert you if a door is left open or breached.
  • Utilizing access control on doors designated for staff members to enter and exit the building and to areas required to do their job by integrating biometrics or encrypted key cards. This provides an audit trail of who, where, when, and how long.
  • Integrating the video surveillance system with the access control to make sure those who are entering the building are the employees you granted access.
  • Have adequate lighting both inside and around the property and in parking lots.
  • Send remote notifications to your mobile device or email.
  • Educating employees about security – security awareness programs increase productivity and decrease theft.
  • Conducting unscheduled walk-throughs and spot checks.
  • Limiting employee interaction with visitors and vendors, especially at the dock areas. Register and document all visitors when they arrive and have them sign out when they leave.
  • Never become complacent when it comes to security with an “it will never happen to me” mentality. Be proactive and keep your system current.


ComSurv provides these 7 elements to customize your warehouse security:


  1. High definition, crystal clear security footage.
  2. Training for your team to feel confident using the security equipment.
  3. State-of-the-art, military grade, yet easy to use surveillance systems.
  4. Innovative technologies like biometrics, highly encrypted key cards, and cell phone access.
  5. Analytics that alert you when someone trespasses after hours, enters your office or unauthorized areas and allows you to track an individual’s movements across the footage.
  6. Ability to control your business from an online data portal which can combine cameras, analytics, people-counting, and identify questionable employees.
  7. Cloud solutions to store and secure video footage and sound, plus data from access control, and more!


Whether you are a small business owner or manage a warehouse, ComSurv is dedicated to customizing a system to fit your needs and secure your property.


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