Give your after hours security more cowbell.


Give your after hours security more cowbell.


One thing we preach at ComSurv is the cowbell rule. How can we get more cowbell in what we do. It is so ingrained into our values that one of our staff members drew the picture above on one of our white boards. Well, I am excited to announce we have a cowbell service to offer you!


Imagine the peace of mindyou will experience when you leave your property in the evening knowing a set of eyes will monitor your business while you spend time with your family and friends.


Yes, ComSurv is pleased to offer you our newly designed Virtual Guard service.


How many times have you worried if someone is going into your property after hours without consent?


ComSurv is providing vigilant, well-trained security professionals who are specialized in providing superlative security surveillance monitoring for each onsite facility. These agents are also trained to understand an event; verify the authenticity of events, and then respond with a better visual understanding of what is actually happening. If an unauthorized event is triggered and verified, we can interact with the intruder and ask them to leave. We can also call you, call the police or anyone on the on call list. No need to spend on expensive guard services and we can use most current systems without an upgrade.


We offer dedicated resources who work for you. We can custom design a 24/7 support solution depending on your need.


Call or email us today to speak with one of our account executives and get closer to taking peace of mind to a whole new level!


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